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Little Act of Kindness, Hindus Youth Community Banyuwangi Share some Iftar Appetizer

27/05/2019 - 05:07 | Views: 59.00k
A hindu girl share some food to the moslems on the street. (Picture by: Erwin Wahyudi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBANYUWANGI, BANYUWANGI – Its not hard to create some tolerance between religion especially in Indonesia. Hindus youth community in Banyuwangi went down to the street to share some food to the people passing by especially moslems for their iftar appetizer.

Almost all Hindus youth from Jambewangi, Sempu wearing traditional Balinese outfit and accompanied with the gamelan they played shared the food to all the people who passed by on Saturday (25/5/2019). 

"We would like to show the world that Banyuwangi also has the highest tolerance level between Religions. That's why conduct this event in order to appreciate and respect the Ramadhan for moslems," Budi Wiriyanto, a Hindu guy said. 

He also hope that this kind of activities will not stop only to this phase, but will has a sustainable chain which and continued to another level. He also hope that this kind of act will be conducted in any other social activities which could strengthen the bound and relationship between communities.

This occasion was supported by the local Nasdem Party of Banyuwangi. The Hindus youth community Banyuwangi together with the party shared the appetizer on the street as an act of tolerance and pluralism in Indonesia. (*)

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